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Honestly. I don’t give a fuck what it is I’m doing, crashing, burning, getting arrested, blowing up. I just wan a damn cool ass car again so I can bump some gutta shit and feel cool as shit even though don’t nobody know wtf going in with my shit and my insurance out of date and my tags expired and my tires flat and subframes is on the ground and my feet stickin through the floor board and I’m sweating dick on some TX heat cuz a nigga ain’t got no A/C while I’m sittin in traffic cuz a nigga late to his baby moms court hearing with the tank sittin way past E and a bank account chillin in the negatives and the side talm bout she late and my moms talmbout there ain’t no tamales. I’m just tryna look boss as fuck


hahahaha yiss

oh miggy lol

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Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelette) (x)

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How to piss off a Gundam fan.

More like how to make one piss themselves from laughing so hard

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that front end is nice as fuck, i dont know why people dont like it

It looks like a Toyota fuckin mommy car. It isn’t the least bit cool. It’s something a complete cock head would buy just because it says STI on it. 

in 3 years you’re gonna be saying it’s nice

calling it

this always happens

no one liked the hawk eye or w.e when it came out

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Push it to the limit.


Push it to the limit.

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that front end is nice as fuck, i dont know why people dont like it

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